Family Services

Building Our Program to Strengthen Our Community

Another Choice recognizes the importance of maintaining families, and has devoted several programs to this mission:

For Daddies Only

The For Daddies Only program, which was a component of the federal grant - RESPECT, takes very seriously its role of support, recruitment, and maintenance of families. This group of African American men is composed of adoptive parents dedicated to sharing a positive adoption message with the community. Daddies Only provides a time for the “brothers” to hang out and support one another. These dads enjoy a number of activities - such as breakfasts, music, and fellowship. The Four Pops are an outgrowth of this group. In June 2000, they released their first CD which focuses upon the benefits of adoption. Their current CD release “When God Gave Me You” is receiving attention in Charlotte media outlets, as well as in other areas of the state.



Sister 2 Sister

Sister 2 Sister – Adoptive and prospective moms whose roles parallel that of the Daddies Only group. This program was created, designed, orchestrated, and intended to make the adoptive moms "feel like a queen." Yes, we too, like to have fun. The sky is the limit for the Sisters- Manicures, pedicures, relaxation techniques, facials. You name it…we have probably done it.



Chat N Chill

Chat N Chill - A program that connects the whole family. Before problems develop, a staff member will arrange to visit your home to talk about issues. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where everyone can be heard and work with the family to find solutions. Generally, we have to make several visits before the situation is resolved, so coming around dinner time helps us think more clearly.



Respite Care

Respite Care - An extension of the Kids Night Out program, Another Choice offers temporary and emergency respite services provided by approved relatives or individuals selected by the family and licensed foster home providers. The respite is for parents, not the children. We recognize that adopting older children can be stressful at times. Therefore, we offer temporary --do you hear-- temporary respite. You must come back home. Actually, this is to provide parents a much needed break. This service has proven invaluable in keeping adoptive families intact.



Kids’ Night Out

Kids’ Night Out – A supplement to the parental respite program. Kids' Night Out is a monthly sleepover geared to adopted children and their siblings ages 6- 12, on the first weekend of the month. This program is designed to encourage bonding, positive self-worth and present diverse cultural experiences. The children stay from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon. There are lots of activities, food, entertainment and fun, fun, fun!



Teen Konnection

Teen Konnection - An entire weekend for our teenagers. Yes, it is solely about them. The teens help to plan the weekend activities. Sometimes, they may be seen taking in a cultural arts experience or just having plain fun. While this weekend gives the teens and their family a break, it also provides opportunities for some "rap groups" about life’s situations. It also provides the teens with an opportunity to highlight some of their social, musical or academic skills.



Specialized Family Services

Specialized Family Services – The agency links families to various community organizations and providers for an array of services such as tutoring, mentoring, therapy, medication administration and management. We network with public agencies to assist families in utilizing the vendor payment to secure other services including specialized camps or specialized treatment.



Friends of Black Children Conference

This high energy annual conference has been described as " a revival, family reunion, a celebration, fantastic training opportunity, and a spiritual spa. There is something for everyone. Workshops geared for parents, social workers and child advocates. A teen conference featuring incredible speakers and workshops is held. And the conference offers age appropriate activities for children of all ages. It also serves as a recruitment event to match great children with waiting families. It's an experience that is beyond words.



Annual Staff and Family Beach Retreat

The Annual Staff and Family Beach Retreat provides an opportunity for adoptive parents to receive training, support, and develop relationships with other adoptive families. The children and teens enjoy planned activities. We also use it as a recruitment event to match waiting children with prospective families.