Get Involved

If you are interested in helping out Another Choice, here are some Volunteer Opportunities & Donations of Resources information. You can call us (704)394-1124 now to start investing in our most precious resource - our children.



Do you have what it takes?

O.K., so you aren't ready to adopt or foster at this time. We understand. Many of us here at Another Choice were once feeling overwhelmed at the idea of bringing children into our lives, but still wanted to help out. If this is where you are, we have Good News for you: We can still use you in our agency! In fact, we desperately need volunteers to assist us in delivering services to our families. You will note all the wonderful things we do to provide support to families. We are a non-profit agency on a very limited budget. Our staff is very small, and we need volunteers to help out!

Let's find out by answering these questions:

  1. Do I have a sense of humor or a willingness to develop one?

  2. Am I willing to commit at least 2 hours periodically to the agency?

  3. Am I willing to participate in the volunteer training program?

  4. Am I dependable?

  5. Will I treat the children and families with respect?

  6. Am I willing to provide references and complete a background and criminal record check?

  7. Will I maintain the confidentiality of the children and families?

  8. Will I help to recruit other volunteers?

  9. Am I a team player? (For questions 1 and 9, we have special incentives to assist you in those areas. )

If you have answered YES, to most of these questions, WE NEED YOU!

To continue to provide all the valuable services to our families, and grow our programs and services to meet the needs of our families, we need dedicated volunteers!

Volunteer Goal

Application Process



Currently, our goal is to build up our volunteer base in Charlotte. 

  • Our volunteer screening is done when you contact the agency.

  • We will discuss your flexibility and interests.

  • You will be invited to attend our volunteer information session on the first Saturday of each month in Charlotte.

  • You may have the opportunity to meet some of our families or children and hear how the program has served them.

  • You will be expected to participate in the Volunteer Training Program and provide criminal background checks as required. If you are working with a child or family.

To get started, download and print the volunteer survey (Adobe Reader required), then just fill it out, and email it, mail, or fax it back to us.

Once your application is received and reviewed.

  •  Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to schedule a time to discuss your interests.

If you don't live in Charlotte.

We are in process of developing our volunteer base in other areas of the state as well. ​


  • All you have to do is!

        “Present your

    body and spirit to us."

     We'll do the rest!

We tried to think of a clever way to ask for financial contributions. We couldn’t. But, we do need money. Another Choice is a not-for-profit organization. To that end, we exist on grants, contracts with other agencies, and with very limited state funds. However, we need unrestricted funds that will allow us to serve more families and find more homes for waiting children.

Donating funds to support parent preparation classes.

$350 per family

Welcome Packs​

Basic clothing for new placements to include 

  • Underwear

  • Pants

  • Shirts

  • Dresses

  • Socks

Gift certificates for.

  • Food

  • Toys or other necessities.

Couponing Experts 

donate paper products.

  • Plates

  • Toilet tissue

  • Paper towels

  • Non perishable

  • Can food

  • Fresh foods and meats.


  • Books for our lending library.

  • School supplies.

  • Funds to assist in children and youth activities.

  • Funds for staff training and development.

If you have expertise in writing grants or program development, we can really use your help. Call us now (704)394-1124 to start investing in our most precious resource - our children.